Buddy and Blackberry

Hi, my name is Buddy!

I was born on a farm. When I was just a tiny little pup, an old man came to take me to his house. He was very happy to have me, but there was a big problem. There was another dog there who was much older than me and he just didn’t like me. At all. Every time I went near him, he would growl and bark – and one time he even bit me really hard! He really didn’t like it when the old man stroked me or fed me or even looked at me. I was so sad and frightened and I just didn’t know what to do.

Then just a few weeks later something really good happened. A family with a little girl called Violet took me to come and live with them. BUT there was another very big black dog there who was much older than me. What would she think of me? I was really worried.

The very big black dog came over to sniff me. And then something magical happened. She started to wag her tail! And then she bounced down on both front paws with her bum in the air, and said ‘let’s play!’ So we played for the rest of the day, until we both collapsed panting, cuddled up on the rug next to Violet.

The big black dog was called Blackberry. She told me she had been very lonely since her big brother dog Arnie had passed away, and that she and Violet would be my big sisters from now, and they would let nothing bad ever happen to me again. And that is my story.

Hi, Blackberry here!

I live with Mark, Mandy, Violet and Buddy. When I was a puppy, I was the naughtiest puppy in the whole world ever. One day some people came over for a roast chicken dinner with my family. When they were about to carve the chicken, they realised it was missing. That’s when they saw me up the end of the garden eating it! Yes, I love stealing food, it’s my best hobby. My next best hobby was chewing things up. Once Mark came home from work and I was so happy to see him, I chewed up the couch in the few moments he took to go upstairs to get changed! Chewing up things is really great. I’ve chewed up glasses, dolls, toys, shoes, slippers, bedding plants, books, chairs, wardrobes, beds, doors and just about anything else you can think of! It’s just brilliant fun. The other thing I used to like doing is escaping. One morning I escaped from the garden and went into the garden next door. The door was open, so I crept in the house. Then I crept upstairs. Then I saw a bedroom door was open and I went inside. There was the next door neighbour in bed eating tea and biscuits! So she gave me a biscuit. That was a good adventure.

Now I’m a bit older I’m a bit more sensible, though, and I like telling my little brother Buddy to be good – he doesn’t know how naughty I was when I was a puppy, though!

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