I am Lola and I’m almost five years old. People don’t know much about the first years of my life and I only have some vague memories myself. I know that I lived with an older couple before I went with Nelleke and that they had found me in their neighbourhood. I had a quiet and calm life at the couple’s house and didn’t see a lot of people. When I couldn’t stay there and Nelleke visited with a volunteer of the Halifax Cat Rescue Society, I was shy and afraid of what was going to happen. I hid behind furniture, but I was also curious to see Nelleke. 

I went with Nelleke and was still quite shy in the beginning. I liked getting closer to her though and I liked to explore the apartment. It was fun and spacious and quiet too! I found guests a bit scary, but soon my curiosity started to win over my reserved nature. Especially when Nelleke’s brother visited, I realized that it was nice to have more people around and interact with them. And then a bit later there was Wayne! I soon found out that he liked to dangle a string for me to chase. 

I was an indoor cat for a couple of years, but last summer I started to go out on the deck at Nelleke’s apartment. I enjoyed being in the fresh air a lot. In Wayne’s house I stayed inside most of the time, until spring arrived. I tried to sneak out several times, and then Wayne and Nelleke started to let me out on the deck. That was great, but the yard downstairs was more appealing! Once I was allowed to go there more often, there was no going back. This was much better than the occasional cat grass plant I had before and the other couple of plants in the living room that I liked to rub against or play with.

There is a lot to be explored in the yard, even though it’s small. There are stones to roll on and sunbathe and a lot of plants to wander through and hide under when the sun is too strong. In particular the Hosta and rhubarb have nice big leaves. And last but not least, there is a plum tree! I understand from Wayne that the tree is not doing very well, it has black knot and few leaves this year. But it’s still great to climb! I love to climb all over this tree, and sometimes I sit up there where I can survey my territory from a great height. I will miss this tree if we move to Treehouse Village and hope there will be a possibility for me to be outside as well. I don’t need much, just one tree and some green space around it.

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