Welcome to Treehouse Village!

Treehouse Village is set to become Atlantic Canada’s first cohousing neighborhood. Cohousing is an intentional community designed to offer homeowners private, energy-efficient homes while fostering social connection through shared indoor and outdoor amenities just outside your door.

Cohousing communities are planned and financed by the future residents. To date, there are 15 households excited to welcome our future neighbours and begin building 30 private homes and the common house on over 14 acres of land in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

What can I expect when I join the community?

When you purchase a home here, you’re getting more than a house – you’re getting the community you’ve always wanted:

  • Friendly, welcoming neighbours who value their community and making it a happy and healthy place to live
  • Nature at your doorsteps and a small, amenity-rich downtown core within walking distance
  • Beautiful, high-quality passive homes with everything you’d ever need
  • A shared common house with a large open kitchen and dining room (for sharing meals with friends and neighbours when you wish), lounge area, childrens’ playroom, fitness room, office space and workshop, and private guestrooms for your out-of-town visitors to stay

How was Treehouse Village designed?

In designing Treehouse Village, much research has been done around best practices in cohousing – and many visits have been made to other cohousing communities. Based on years of research and passion, the site and building design process began by those who have already pre-purchased homes, alongside several professional architects and consultants. Our community design process is guided by three core values:

  1. Our planet: Living lightly on the earth
  2. Our neighbours: Sharing resources and joy; and welcoming to all
  3. Ourselves: Living in a comfortable and healthy home
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