Families have a picnic at Treehouse Village Ecohousing

Becoming a Member

Treehouse Village is proud to have members joining from around Nova Scotia as well as from three different countries. Some of those members have already moved to Bridgewater to get to know their new town and future neighbours even better prior to moving in.

The first step in exploring Treehouse Village is to join as an Explorer member. Explorer member households can attend most meetings and participate in discussions for a period of three months while they evaluate their level of interest in and alignment with the project. If you decide Treehouse Village is the place you want to call home, you can become a shareholder in the company that is developing the community. As a shareholder, you are known as an Equity member. Equity members are required to submit shareholder fees which go directly toward the down payment on your home. A company shareholder has the ability to purchase a home in the community, attend meetings, and participate in decision making.