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Curious about where this is headed? Want to hear the latest developments? Want to know more about becoming a member?

How to get in touch:

Info Sessions & Events

Info Table
Saturday Aug 17, 8am-1pm
Halifax Brewery Market

Info Session
Sunday, Aug 18, 10:30am-12:00pm
Canada Games Centre, Halifax, NS

Design Workshops (for associate & equity members*):

  • Workshop #1: The Site Plan. Aug 4-5.
  • Workshop #2: The Common House & Facilities. September 14-15.
  • Workshop #3: The Private Homes. October 26-27.
  • Workshop #4: Design Closure. December 7-8.

    *To participate in a Design Workshop you must be a registered associate or equity member for at least 3 weeks before a given workshop.

How to become a member:

membership process

See the info session schedule above or click here to watch the info session video.

Click here to do the prospective member questionnaire.

Membership Levels


  • Anyone who has attended an info session.
  • Fee: none.
  • Privileges: May attend events & observe up to 2 meetings. May not participate in making decisions.


  • Has attended completed the prospective member questionnaire, been oriented, and completed registration.
  • Fee: $75-$150 for 3 months. Non-renewable except in extenuating circumstances.
  • Privileges: May attend meetings and participate in most decisions.

EQUITY MEMBER (open now):

  • A fully-participating member. Must have fulfilled responsibilities of Associate Membership, financial pre-qualification, and several other criteria.
  • Fee: Starts at $5000 and increases over time.  With each increase, all equity members pay the balance of the new fee to maintain their membership. All equity contributions count towards your down payment.
  • Privileges: A company shareholder who has the ability to purchase a home in the cohousing. May attend any meetings and participate in all full circle decisions.

One membership per household, regardless of the number of members in the household or the household income.  Members may make additional equity investments, which will result in a further discount on their final home price.  All fees are non-refundable.

Membership Availability

In order to achieve our community’s multi-age vision, our membership is limited to 30 households, including both associate and equity members. This pool is divided evenly into:

Group A

Spots available

Households with at least one adult member under the age of 40 at time of associate member registration, or households with minor children who will be living at home in 2021.

Group B

Spots available

All other households.