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The Common House (Photo by Terry Lavender).

A birthday dance party and a children’s summer camp are just two of the many activities that marked the opening of Treehouse Village Ecohousing’s 4000 square foot Common House earlier this summer.

The Common House, which includes laundry facilities, two guest rooms, a dining hall, communal kitchen, children’s play room and lounge and workspace, was given conditional occupancy last month by the Town of Bridgewater, and TVE residents wasted no time in putting the jointly owned space to use.

Treehouse Kids at the Summer Camp (Clara Lovatt photo)

The two guest rooms on the lower floor are already booked for most of the summer by relatives of TVE residents visiting their family members. The main floor space, called the Gathering Hall, is busy during the day with children participating in TVE’s first summer day camp. And on a recent Saturday night, the adults took over for a dance party celebrating the birthdays of three of the TVE residents.

The Gathering Hall (Photo by Sandra Kipis)

The upper floor, called the Nest, has been used for movie nights, as well as TVE circle meetings, and just for people looking for some quiet time in a spacious, naturally-lit room overlooking the forest.

The Nest

TVE residents have been busy preparing the Common House for occupancy in recent weeks – making cabinets, cleaning, moving furniture and more. One key objective was getting the accessible elevator operational – a milestone that was achieved last month.

“The Common House is the growing into becoming the heart of our community,” said Susan Williams on behalf of the Common House sub circle.  “Everyone has worked hard to bring it to this place-from furnishings, painting, cabinetry, murals, cleaning supplies and the myriad of details involved in trim work. Seeing it become a bustling centre of activity is a dream come true.”

One of the two bookable guest rooms.

There’s still some work to do, including finishing the downstairs accessible bathroom and installing the permanent stairs, Williams said, but already the Common House is bustling with activity.

In August, it will be the scene of a very special event when TVE residents Katy Dekraker and Michael Kameoka celebrate their wedding in the facility, along with family, friends and members of the Treehouse community.

Irish Dancing in the Gathering Hall.

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