Treehouse Village Ecohousing Site showing the buildings under construction

Construction Update

Signs of spring are popping at 54 Pearl Street, including some accelerated progress on the building of Treehouse Village! Despite the challenges of our winter weather, we have been making steady progress with constructing our community.  At this point, in early April, work is happening on the workshop, the common house, and three of the...

Two bedrooms, a mudroom and a view of the Common Green – what’s not to love about the Pine?

A spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar, an open concept living and dining area, two bedrooms and a front door that opens onto green space, and all this for under $400,000. What’s not to love about the Pine? For Teona and Max Bjork, it was an easy decision to make. Originally, they had planned to move into a 3-bedroom Oak, but when a Pine became available, they quickly opted for the smaller residence. Their two young children are looking forward to moving into their bunk beds in the second bedroom. (“What kid doesn’t love a bunk bed?” Teona asks.) Max and Teona also love the mudroom just inside the front door.

Land Acknowledgment

By Katherine Harman and Kathy Horton Since July 2020, we have opened our Zoom Full Circle Gatherings and Meetings with “Treehouse Village is being built on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq peoples. We are grateful to be building on this land. We will live in peace and seek means of reconciliation.” We...