Treehouse Village Ecohousing Common House Exterior

Atlantic Canada’s First Cohousing Community

We are so excited to bring the first cohousing community to Atlantic Canada. Our community is already attracting members from across the world, thanks to the scenic beauty and relaxed lifestyle of Nova Scotia’s spectacular South Shore.

Cohousing is a unique kind of housing – planned and financed by the future residents. Privacy is balanced with community involvement as households keep their independence, living in homes that are entirely their own, but have access to valuable indoor and outdoor amenities.

Typical Cohousing Characteristics

  1. A number of fully-equipped, privately owned homes designed using a participatory process with the future homeowners
  2. A site planned and arranged in a way that encourages interaction and community-oriented living, with gardens, walkways and play areas
  3. Shared amenities, usually in a Common House, such as a large kitchen, a dining room, gym or multi-purpose room, library or guest suites

Treehouse is proud to offer all this and more, in beautiful Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Our community was designed with passion, based on research around best practices in other cohousing communities.



At Treehouse Village Ecohousing, our commitment to our planet goes far beyond building energy efficiency into our homes. We believe in protecting our planet, and are building every aspect of our community around that belief. Building a sustainable community is part of our core vision, and one of a handful of important key drivers of the decisions we make as community members. 

Here’s what you can expect from Treehouse Village:

Low Impact Development

We are committed to low impact development at every stage, from land development to lifestyle. 

  • Passive House design standard for all of our private homes, and a highly efficient building envelope with minimal energy needs
  • A reduced physical footprint, disturbing only a fraction of our property to preserving the old growth forest
  • Multiple units per building, with stacked units and shared walls to reduce building materials and heating demand
  • Low-impact stormwater management through use of bioswales and water-retaining landscape features
  • Careful consideration into building materials with a focus on low toxicity, a low carbon footprint, and low embodied carbon
  • Wherever possible, the sourcing of local building materials and local contractors to reduce transportation distance
  • Intentional project management with consideration around reducing construction waste and the volume of earth trucked off our site
  • Shared amenities such as office space, guestrooms and a fitness centre to reduce the size of our private units

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Research shows that living in an intentional community and having good relationships with your neighbours significantly benefits your mental health. Our design supports and encourages residents to engage in zero-waste and environmentally friendly practices in some of the following ways:

  • Shared tools, appliances, yard and gardening equipment, outdoor and recreation equipment helps community members cut down on the costs and space to keep their own and drastically reduces eventual landfill waste.
  • While each household can have their own washer and dryer, shared laundry facilities will give members the option to save the space in their home – and the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own.
  • We are incorporating space for gardening and food forests into the landscape design, increasing our access to healthy food with a low carbon footprint. 
  • With our property located in the heart of the Town of Bridgewater and bordering the Centennial Trail, residents will be able to walk, cycle or bus to complete many of their errands.
  • By working together to grow some of our own food, and buying food in bulk, we can reduce food waste and packaging. 
  • With the bonus of a large kitchen and dining room in the common house, members will have opportunities to prepare and share meals together as they wish. 
  • With a workshop on site and a community of skilled residents, there’s bound to be someone to help you fix that wobbly chair or broken toaster. 
  • We are exploring the potential for members to share vehicles.
  • Our community will promote healthy lifestyles through on-site access to both outdoor and indoor leisure opportunities.
  • Our buildings are being designed with health in mind, prioritizing good indoor air quality and use of construction materials with low toxicity.

A Virtual Interactive Tour

Take a virtual interactive tour of the Treehouse Village site. Click the info icons for more information.

Treehouse Village Ecohousing Timeline

Treehouse Village members and professionals from Tate Engineering wearing hardhats pose for a photo after a day of assembling the styrofoam forms for the insulated concrete form walls of their common house. A dog joined the photo op.
Treehouse Village common green
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