Project Status

We are in the forming stages of our project. We have a vision and project parameters. We are actively recruiting members; associate membership is open.

As of Dec 13/18 Completed Coming up
DEVELOPMENT ✓ Preliminary meetings with municipal government

✓ Cohousing consultant retained

✓ Cohousing and corporate lawyers retained

✓Incorporated as a Development Corporation

Create shareholder agreement

Retain project manager

Pursue financing

SITE & DESIGN ✓ Site criteria established, potential sites identified & prioritized

✓ In negotiations with land owner

✓ Preliminary massing study completed

Conduct feasibility study

Assemble design team

Schedule design workshops

GROUP FORMATION ✓ Project vision & values

✓ Website launched

✓ Group-forming series

✓ Associate Membership open

✓ Sociocracy selected as governance structure and decision-making method

Learn Sociocracy, set up organizational structure

Community building (ongoing)

Marketing & recruitment (ongoing)

Open equity membership


Our first Info Session (Sept 29, 2018) was a huge success and kicked this project into high gear.