Tree Clearing

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Last weekend, we prepared for cutting the trees in the “disturbed area,” which is the part of the land where we’ll be building our homes. It is both a sad and a happy time. We are sad to see the trees being cut down, but happy to know that in the fall of 2022 we will be moving into our new homes. 

In preparation for tree cutting, we collected another jar of soil. This time, we collected from the spot we used for camping last summer, a place full of memories for some of our members. As before, we have labeled the jar and plan to add it ceremonially to our gardens once we move in.

Why are we tree cutting now? There is a fairly short window of opportunity between winter and bird nesting season. By clearing the trees now, we will avoid disturbing birds at the critical nesting time in their life cycle. The birds can choose to nest in one of the many other trees on the property. 

So last weekend, we hugged a few more trees and thanked them for all the lovely fresh air they provided to us and for the homes they provided for various animals in our forest. One day, some of the bigger trees we took down will provide some play structures for our kids. Thank you trees.

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