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There is some activity at 54 Pearl Street. This week we are making the first real changes to our land. This first step is to create a driveway and small parking area that will be used to stage our future construction. It will also provide a place for Treehouse Villagers to park while visiting our land. It involves clearing some trees, regrading some land, and spreading some gravel. The kids are thrilled to see the big trucks. 

Before the driveway work began, a few Treehouse Village members living in Bridgewater went to visit the land. We collected some soil from the area where the driveway will go, which we plan to ceremonially add to our gardens in the future. 

While walking that part of the land, I (Becky) could not help but hug a few trees, particularly trees that would need to be cut down to build the driveway. It helps to know that logs from the trees being cut down will be saved for use by the community in the future – perhaps to build a playground. The smaller branches will be mulched for use on pathways, and the dirt will be used on the site for leveling, not removed. We are thankful to be able to find use for much that is currently on the land.

By the end of this week we will have a driveway and a small parking lot. This may seem like a small step, but it feels like a huge leap in making progress towards building our future homes. 

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