Equity Members

Equity members are company shareholder who have the ability to purchase a home in the community, attend meetings, and participate in decision making. All shareholder fees go towards the down payment on your new home.

Cate, Leon and Dylan
Cate, Leon and Dylan

We are the “burning souls” of Treehouse Village Ecohousing. It has been our long-time dream to live in cohousing, and we are so excited to realize this in the town we have come to love. Leon is a municipal sustainability planner, Cate is an environmental educator and community developer, and Dylan is a robot designer.

Sue and Abe

Always enthusiastic about exploring new trails, we are delighted to have found this trail to Treehouse Village. For some years we have wished for intergenerational cohousing in the Atlantic Provinces and what could be better than what Treehouse Village Ecohousing is offering? We look forward to having terrific neighbours and will happily continue to enjoy cycling trails, walking and practicing tai chi.


Treehouse checks all the boxes for me; An intentional community, built together, in a walkable town and close to the ocean. Bridgewater is a happening place, attracting entrepreneurial youth, including my daughter and son-in-law who have a farm close by. I am excited to co-create my location with this community.

Andrew and Susan

From the first meeting, we knew we had found kindred spirits. Our passions include community, health, ecology and beauty and we see all those things coming together at Treehouse.  Andrew likes to shape wood, glass and flour (not necessarily together). Susan is inspired by natural beauty and tries to recreate it on canvas, etc. Currently, we are living in Ellershore.

David, Caitlin and Alfie

We stumbled across Treehouse Village by happy accident in February 2019, just before our son Alfie was born, and we are ecstatic to have found such a warm, generous and supportive community in which to raise him. David is currently forging a career between environmental advocacy and green building, Caitlin is slowly chipping away at her MA in Cultural Anthropology at Dalhousie, and Alfie is, frankly, adorable.

Emma, Mike, Rose and Tilly

Treehouse Village is the opportunity to turn our ideal community into reality: environmentally conscious, backyard green space, walkability, multi-generational, with the hope of learning and sharing with our neighbours. We are both teachers, Mike at high school and Emma with a local non-profit as an entrepreneurship educator. We look forward to raising our family among friends in Treehouse Village.

Mark, Mandy and Violet

Mandy was born in Halifax NS of British parents and lived in Dartmouth until she was 7. Mark has lived in Bristol UK all his life. Violet came along after years of trying and we are definitely the oldest parents at her school which she finds fascinating! She is 10 years old and loves to be very active, especially anything to do with water. We are enthusiastic about Co-housing as an idea because it offers us a community in a new country, and it resonates with our interest in personal development and in helping to make the world a better place. Having explored most of the Province, we think the South Shore is the most beautiful part.


In looking for a place to live when I move back to Canada, community was one of the most important things – that and awareness of climate change and how that might affect housing options. I love the idea of living in a multi-age community where we take care of each other and have fun together. I’m looking forward to many evenings sipping wine, playing games, and enjoying great conversations. I’m also loving the idea of walking in the woods and biking along the trail without having to get into the car!


I have followed cohousing for over a decade and have been hoping for an affordable project to be a part of. Though I currently live in the Annapolis Valley, the South Shore has been calling, so the timing of Treehouse Village is just about perfect. I very much look forward to living in an environmentally and socially conscious community where we will share many values, and have abundant opportunities to discuss everything else over meals that I won’t often have to cook!  All while living with a smaller footprint: on land with abundant space to roam and be creative on, and in a new home with features that on my own I could not afford, nor imagine. Sounds revolutionary to me.


Not much of a writer. It would be so much easier to say this with pictures :} Excited to be part of a community with shared meals and watching children play. To downsize to a smaller space and still have access to common areas and ideas. The values of this group and development are a great new concept for condo living. I was born in Nova Scotia and have studied/worked most of my life in Halifax and Dartmouth. Started a business in photography when everything was shot on film and processed in a magical darkroom. Few decades later everything has morphed into digital with a fast turnaround. I still work part time and love to shoot when I travel.

Tania and Andy

We are excited to be involved in the Treehouse project as we want to be part of a neighbourly caring community as we grow older. We came across the treehouse project due to our daughter Caitlin and her family, who are also involved in it. After exploring the idea ourselves it seemed like an ideal solution, to downsize and at the same time live in an environmentally conscientious place and be surrounded by wonderful like minded people and have fun and forge friendships and memories together. Not forgetting also we will be closer to adorable Alfie. A win win. 

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I grew up in what I call “suburbia USA,” that is, the suburbs of New York City. Sadly, despite many good things about it, I found myself equally uncomfortable in very rural environs as in the heart of the city. In my adult life, I have lived mostly in small towns, some pretty rural, ranging from New Hampshire to Mexico to Minnesota to Nova Scotia. Of the places I’ve lived, the one that still feels like home and calls me back is Nova Scotia. I have always wanted to know my neighbours. My mom taught me that when someone new moves into the neighbourhood, the proper thing to do is show up on their doorstep with lemonade and cookies and introduce yourself.

But not since my childhood neighbourhood have I lived in a place where I truly felt connected to my neighbours. So for that reason alone, cohousing is appealing. The “ecohousing” part of Treehouse Village is a big attraction. I love the idea of reducing my footprint, both by sharing resources and by building energy efficient housing that will rely far less on the world’s dwindling resources and contribute far less to the climate crisis.

Associate Members

Associate members can attend most meetings and participate in discussions for a period of three months whilst they evaluate their level of interest in and alignment with the project.

We have several members who are just exploring Treehouse Village at the moment:

Shelley and Bernard

We live in Petty Harbour- Maddox Cove, a fishing village just outside of St. John’s, NL. Bernard has lived here his entire life, except for some years in Labrador City. Shelley was born in Halifax and moved to Newfoundland in 1986 to do a Masters on seabird behaviour. Bernard is a commercial fisherman and fabulous carpenter (his mother used to say that he “could put a tail on a cat”) and Shelley is now retired from law, is teaching yoga and having fun with all things food-related. (And Bernard loves to eat. It’s a good combination!) We have a tourist accommodation business providing an all-inclusive package to East Coast Trail hikers. We both love to hike and bike and snowshoe, especially with our beloved Labrador Retriever, Brigus. 

  • Wayne and Nelleke
  • Liz and Lui
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  • Grace

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