Cate, Leon & Dylan de Vreede. We are the “burning souls” of Treehouse Village Ecohousing. It has been our long-time dream to live in cohousing, and we are so excited to realize this in the town we have come to love. Leon is a municipal sustainability planner, Cate is an environmental educator and community developer, and Dylan is a robot designer. We can’t wait to add new members to this page!


Angie Schoonhoven
Anne Greer & Jim White
Cathy Etter
Caitlin, David & Alfie Stonham
Chloe Anderson & Jeremy Ewing
Brin Jones
David Puxley
Inara Kundzins
Joy Pennick & Jeff Reilly
Katherine Harman
Marilyn & Bob Scher
Nancy Sixsmith & Chuck Stewart
Norma Carey
Susan Lilley & Harry Beach
Susan & Abe Ross
Wanda Gordon