Our Members


Cate, Leon & Dylan de Vreede: We are the “burning souls” of Treehouse Village Ecohousing. It has been our long-time dream to live in cohousing, and we are so excited to realize this in the town we have come to love. Leon is a municipal sustainability planner, Cate is an environmental educator and community developer, and Dylan is a robot designer.

We can’t wait to add new members to this page!

Sue and Abe TVE

Abe and Sue Ross: Always enthusiastic about exploring new trails, we retired seniors – Abe from academia; Susan from a variety – are delighted to have found this trail from our current location to Treehouse Village Ecohousing. For some years we have wished for intergenerational cohousing in the Atlantic Provinces and what could be better than what TVE is offering. We look forward to having terrific neighbours in this intentional neighbourhood, where we will continue to enjoy walking trails, cycling and practising tai chi.

Angie Schoonhoven: I have followed cohousing for over a decade and have been hoping for an affordable project to be a part of. Though I currently live in the Annapolis Valley, the South Shore has been calling, so the timing of Treehouse Village is just about perfect. I very much look forward to living in an environmentally and socially conscious community where we will share many values, and have abundant opportunities to discuss everything else over meals that I won’t often have to cook! All while living with a smaller footprint: on land with abundant space to roam and be creative on, and in a new home with features that on my own I could not afford, nor imagine. Sounds revolutionary to me.

Katherine Harman: I joined TVE in February 2019 after an information session, and I’m ‘all-in’. TVE checks all the boxes for me. An intentional community, built together, in a walkable town and close to the ocean. Bridgewater is a happening place, attracting entrepreneurial youth, including my daughter and son-in-law who have a farm close by. I currently live and work in Halifax, have a plan to retire in a few years and am excited to co-create my location with the other members. I enjoy good health and have an active, physical life that I intend to continue as long as I am able.

Simon Melrose & Susan Melrose: Recently retired and extensively traveled, we have always been interested in low impact living and have been active in renewable energy, water conservation and sustainable communities and housing. We have been looking at co-housing for a number of years, both for the above reasons and, equally, for the inherent social development opportunities. TVE is an exciting group to join that is already showing the way forward.

Betsy Heffelfinger & Richard Peisinger

We are Betsy and Richard! We’ve happily lived in Halifax for many years. Saturday mornings, we enjoy doing the bulk of our shopping at the Brewery Farmer’s Market and having a chat or two. One fine winter morning we came upon the TVE information table. We were cheered at the arising of this co-housing project. We hailed its eventual success and yet expressed “Not for us”. Well, it was not too many weeks that we were Associate Members, and then becoming one of the early Shareholders. Betsy is a Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist intending to slowly move her practice to Bridgewater while continuing as long as needed to serve her Halifax patients. Richard is a retired contractor, mediator and, presently, an active advocate for our natural living environment. We both have grown children, some of whom have children of their own. They live everywhere but here; Colorado, California, London and New York. We love exploring the Atlantic Provinces. This is a photo of us at Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne, Newfoundland. We are excited to partake in the creation of this community and the process of co-housing, young and older, sanely and joyfully together!

Susan & Andrew Harvie:  From the first meeting, we knew we had found kindred spirits. Our passions include community, health, ecology and beauty and we see all those things coming together at Treehouse.  Andrew likes to shape wood, glass and flour (not necessarily together). Susan is inspired by natural beauty and tries to recreate it on canvas, etc. Currently  we are living   in Ellershore.

Ann Knowles


Andrew Crooks & Robin Tress: We have been interested in alternative housing arrangements for some time and have been falling in love with the south shore. Robin works for a national non-profit organization as a climate justice researcher and campaigner, Andrew has an engineering background working mostly in management. We’re outdoor people, so please forgive the brevity of this profile – we’re running out the door to the shore right now!

Jeremy Ewing:
Hiker, camper, runner, explorer, food lover, philosopher, dreamer, poet, Zen practitioner, solar power enthusiast, meteorology buff, fan of board games and active play. I like reading, gardening, enjoying music and simple pleasures like hanging by a fire or swimming in the ocean. Strong community is an essential part of life to me and it’s a delight to co-evolve with TVE.

Emma Savage, Mike Mackenzie & Rose Savage Mackenzie: Treehouse Village Ecohousing is the opportunity to turn our ideal community into reality: environmentally conscious, backyard green space, walkability, multi generational, with the hope of learning and sharing with our neighbours. We are both teachers, Mike at high school and Emma with a local non-profit as an entrepreneurship educator. We both love being outdoors, particularly chasing our 18 month old daughter Rose. We are expecting our second child this year, and look forward to raising our family among friends in Treehouse Village.

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