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Something is Happening!

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Brigus the Labrador Retriever

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My Accidental Swim

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A Bike Blog

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Updated Design Documents

Treehouse Village’s Cohousing Colour Challenge #cohocolourchallenge

Finding Treehouse Village

We are one step closer to building our community

A Grand Adventure in Bridgewater

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Unit Availability Update

5 Ways to Show Community Resilience in a Pandemic

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Why does cohousing make sense for our families?

Finding our village: Why cohousing is right for our family

A Newcomer’s Guide to Treehouse Meetings

First 3D Rendering

Workshop #4 and Approval of Schematic Design

Design Development – Here we come!

We have land!

Design Workshop #3 – Private Homes

Design Workshop #2

First Workshop Success!

Meet Our Architects (Caddis Collaborative & RHAD)

Design Workshop #1: Site Plan

Welcome to the team, Caddis!

An Offer on Land

Welcome to Treehouse Village Ecohousing

Associate Membership Opens

First Member’s Meeting & Group-Forming Series

Bridgewater Cohousing Launches

Studying Cohousing Communities