East is the new west, or “Go east, brave homeowner!”

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When even your hairdresser has noticed a trend, you know it’s probably a thing.

I’m a new equity member at Treehouse Village and I’m thinking of moving to Bridgewater ahead of time, because — well, why not? I work from home. I’m tired of my apartment. I’m really tired of Zoom. I’d like to be there in person as I contribute to the development of this terrific project.

So, I called a mover.

The first thing she said was, “Another person moving to Nova Scotia!” She explained they usually have about four moves heading west and maybe one going east. It’s the complete opposite now.

Intrigued, I called another mover. “Yes, definitely, a lot of people are moving east these days.” He mentioned they had three or four moves to the Maritimes lined up for the following week — much more than normal.

(I also called a third number and ended up getting six messages from scam companies offering me great deals if I handed over my worldly possessions. But that’s another story.)

Ok, then I went to get my hair cut. I’m in Ontario and lockdowns have finally eased. The first thing my hairdresser said when I shared my news about joining Treehouse, “You’re the third customer who’s told me they’re moving to Nova Scotia!”

What gives? Are Canadians moving east because the Maritimes have done a good job managing COVID-19? Or because so many of us can work remotely now? Or maybe it’s the more affordable housing? Probably all of the above.

No question, going east is the new going west. Of our 21 equity members at Treehouse Village, we have nine households who have already moved or will be moving east — from B.C., Ontario, and several westerly U.S. states. Right now, we have nine homes still available, so it will be interesting to see where those households come from.

Going west used to mean freedom, adventure, making your fortune, carving out a new life. But it’s a new century, and a new day.

Like me, you’ve probably noticed a lot of news coverage about yet another young couple or young family moving to the Maritimes for the affordability, the friendliness, the breathing room, the community — and above all, for a better quality of life.

If you’re not already sold on Nova Scotia and its beaches, trails, parks, rivers, and overall natural beauty, check out Work from Nova Scotia.

Join the next generation of housing and move east, brave household! You’ll have your Treehouse community to help you before you leave — and welcome you when you arrive.

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