About Cohousing

What is Cohousing?

What follows is a brief synopsis of cohousing. To learn more about cohousing, please visit the Canadian Cohousing Network. Their FAQ page is particularly informative for those new to cohousing. We have also added an FAQ page to this website, which has some info more specific to this project.

There are more than a dozen completed cohousing communities in Canada, and at least 18 in the forming, development or construction phases.

Cohousing is a unique kind of housing – planned, financed and owned by a group of people who become the residents. This housing model is about consciously creating trust and friendship amongst a group of people who choose to live independently yet in a community-minded way.

Typical Cohousing Characteristics

  • Fully-equipped, privately-owned units (homes)
  • Homes are planned and arranged in a way that fosters community-oriented living with gardens, walk ways and play areas
  • Shared amenities such as a large kitchen & dining room with opportunities for shared meals, a multi-purpose space for activities, and guest suite(s)

Cohousing consultants, Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, explain the fundamentals of cohousing like this:

  • Complete private units + extensive common facilities
  • Deliberate community-oriented design
  • Participatory process
  • Complete resident management
  • Non-hierarchical structure
  • Separate income sources

Get a head start on becoming a member of our project!

We ask all prospective members to do the following during their orientation process with us:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Canadian Cohousing Network website. Read all parts of the “About Cohousing” section.
  2. Watch this video introduction from the Canadian Cohousing Network (longer version here).
  3. Read up on cohousing (try the library or borrow from us):

Photos of Cohousing communities that inspire us