What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a unique kind of housing – planned and financed by the future residents. Privacy is balanced with community involvement as households keep their independence, living in homes that are entirely their own, but have access to valuable indoor and outdoor amenities.

Typical Cohousing Characteristics

  1. A number of fully-equipped, privately owned homes designed using a participatory process with the future homeowners
  2. A site planned and arranged in a way that encourages interaction and community-oriented living, with gardens, walkways and play areas
  3. Shared amenities, usually in a Common House, such as a large kitchen, a dining room, gym or multi-purpose room, library or guest suites

Treehouse is proud to offer all this and more, in beautiful Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Our community has been designed with passion, based on research around best practices in other cohousing communities.

Cohousing Then and Now

The cohousing concept emerged in Denmark about 50 years ago. It was then introduced to North America in 1988 by two architects Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant.

Since then, well over 150 cohousing communities have been completed in North America. There are 23 completed in Canada, with many more in various stages of development. Treehouse Village is proud to be the first to introduce the concept to Atlantic Canada. In Denmark today, 10% of all new housing is mandated to be in cohousing communities.

Additional Resources

Once you’ve visited a cohousing community, you will understand why they are becoming more popular throughout the world. Learn more about cohousing communities already established in Canada and the United States that were a part of our research and inspiration.

Want to learn even more about cohousing? Here are some great resources we’d recommend: 

Cohousing in Atlantic Canada

We are so excited to bring the first cohousing community to Atlantic Canada. Our community has attracted members from across the world, thanks to the scenic beauty and relaxed lifestyle of Nova Scotia’s spectacular South Shore.