Now Building 1, 2, and 3-Bedroom Homes

Treehouse Village offers beautiful modern homes with an open concept kitchen, dining and living space and 9 ft ceilings. The condominium is built to ultra energy-efficient Passive House standard to increase the home’s comfort, reduce monthly energy bills, and, most importantly, reduce environmental footprint. Surrounding the homes is 10 acres of backyard forest, as well as community gardens, a 900 sqft workshop, and a shared 4000 sqft common house complete with a kitchen, dining, kids’ playroom, coworking office/library, guestrooms, laundry, outdoor patio, and more.

2-bedroom stacked flats with the front door opening to a common space.
Open concept kitchen, dining, and living room.
Cohousing design with front doors opening onto a common space, where you can see and greet your neighbours.
Modern energy-efficient health home.  Passive House design

Modern design aesthetic

Open concept kitchen living and dining room. 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes for sale.

Open concept living room/dining

All homes built to passive house standard. Average heating bill of $100 per month.

Energy efficient Passive House design

New home with high quality construction with environmentally responsible passive house design.

High quality construction

Featuring bike parking and EV charging stations onsite.

Bike parking and EV charging

More than a home, also access to shared amenities including a common house, workshop and forest. Located in Bridgwater Nova Scotia

Access to shared amenities