Treehouse Village is comprised of 30 households, working together to build and maintain a community-oriented neighbourhood as we strive to live more socially and responsibly. There are at least six languages spoken at Treehouse Village and we range in age from under one to over 80. Our cohousing development has attracted families from Bridgewater, from elsewhere in Nova Scotia, from across Canada, and internationally. We are dedicated to our shared goal of creating a healthy, joyful, multi-age, and environmentally responsible community.

Treehouse Village Values

At Treehouse, we are committed to:

Communicating in ways that are honest and transparent, while doing our best to be courteous and considerate, welcoming and inclusive, compassionate and empathetic.

Contributing in ways that enrich the social fabric and physical space of our community and that encourage each other to share our varied gifts, abilities, and insights while also recognizing our own needs. 

Collaborating in ways that are intentional and where challenges and disagreements are met with curiosity, openness, and the understanding that we are all learning together. 

Caring for ourselves, our neighbours, and our earth; while celebrating diversity, offering hospitality, living lightly, and being grateful on our journey. 

Andtogether we create a community, a village we can call home.

Children of Treehouse Village Ecohousing a great place to raise a family - we offer more than a home - with only six homes left - what are you waiting for? Get your home today. Treehouse Village has a commitment to sustainability and eco friendly practices. Looking for a new home in Nova Scotia? What are you waiting for? Come home to your new family friendly home at Treehouse Village Ecohousing in beautiful Bridgewater. Live sustainably in our friendly ecohousing community, newly built to Passive House standards With preschools options, a Waldorf School and acclaimed public schools nearby, Bridgewater is the ideal place to raise a family.Treehouse Village is an intentional community.
Treehouse Village Ecohousing
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