We are a group of families and individuals who have come together with the shared intention to live more socially and responsibly in a community that we have designed for ourselves. We plan to do this using the tried and tested model of Cohousing, and will be the first cohousing development in Atlantic Canada.

Cohousing offers a way to maintain independence whilst sharing in the joy and comfort of connectedness. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings of the single family home: a housing type that dominates the Canadian landscape. This project brings together households of a variety of shapes and sizes, working together to create the community they’ve been unable to find elsewhere. Read more about cohousing on our blog.


At Treehouse, we are committed to:

Communicating in ways that are honest and transparent, while doing our best to be courteous and considerate, welcoming and inclusive, compassionate and empathetic.

Contributing in ways that enrich the social fabric and physical space of our community and that encourage each other to share our varied gifts, abilities, and insights while also recognizing our own needs. 

Collaborating in ways that are intentional and where challenges and disagreements are met with curiosity, openness, and the understanding that we are all learning together. 

Caring for ourselves, our neighbours, and our earth; while celebrating diversity, offering hospitality, living lightly, and being grateful on our journey. 

Andtogether we create a community, a village we can call home.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Bridgewater is a shining example of a sustainable, healthy community, located in Nova Scotia, Canada’s ocean playground. We love this town and feel it’s a great place to live, work, raise a family, and age with dignity.

Explore Bridgewater

Living our values

As a community we commit to three core values – ourselves, our neighbours, and our planet – and have a growing list of ways that we are supporting one another in living those values. We all share these values, but individually we are all very different. We are always welcoming of people with new backgrounds and perspectives exploring their alignment with Treehouse Village – reach out!

Get to know your neighbours before move in day

We already have 24 households ready to call Treehouse Village home. Here are three familiar faces. Head over to our members page to read more about the people who are already signed up, or contact us with your questions.

Cate is a Founding Member of Treehouse Village Ecohousing


Founding Member

Message Cate

Cate is an environmental educator and community developer. Along with her husband Leon, she founded the Treehouse Village project so they could raise their son in Cohousing. Contact Cate if you’re ready to start Exploring.

David has been a member of Treehouse Village Ecohousing since February 2019


Joined Feb 2019

Message David

David has a keen interest in energy efficiency and sustainable building design. He and his family have already moved to Bridgewater to get to know their new neighbourhood. Ask him about his plans for the workshop!

Emma has been a member of Treehouse Village Ecohousing since February 2019


Joined Feb 2019

Message Emma

Emma and her family live in the city and are excited about moving into a home in cohousing in a smaller town. Ask Emma about her hopes for raising her two girls at Treehouse Village and her interest in permaculture design.

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