First Workshop Success!

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We had so much fun letting our creative juices flow at our first Design Workshop! On day #1 we spent time envisioning and prioritizing the kinds of elements we want to include on the site… woodworking shop, gardens, children’s play spaces, and so on. We then took our ideas and walked the site, imagining what could be where. 

On day #2, we were given scale blocks and a site map and the very real (and challenging task) of putting all the elements in place. In small groups we generated 9 different designs and by the end of the day the architects threw 2 more designs into the mix. It was amazing to see it all coming together! Now, the architects are taking all of our input, extracting the best bits and mixing it with best practices in cohousing. They’ll then present to us a design to take into the next workshop. We can’t wait to see it!

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