Brigus the Labrador Retriever

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People often ask about my name. My “first people” were a wonderful couple, he from Newfoundland and she from Ontario. They spent a couple of week every summer in Brigus, Newfoundland and named me after the town. They even got engaged there! Shelley and Bernard, my “second people,” thought it was a pretty neat name, so they kept it when I moved to Newfoundland to live with them. 

My life’s motto is Eat, Play, Love. I think someone should write a book with that title.

I really like helping with chores and love to carry laundry and lunch boxes and groceries in from the car. The only time I got carried away was when Shelley asked me to carry in three blocks of cheese, one at a time. My willpower had completely dissolved by cheese delivery number 3, and I couldn’t resist any longer. I simply HAD to break into the cheese. Since I was being so helpful all Shelley could do was laugh. If you knew me and how much I absolutely adore food, you would be rather impressed with the fact that I was able to resist for so long! 

Another thing I love to do is to rub people’s hair. I don’t know why, but I think it is really fun. Freshly cleaned hair and kinda dirty hair are my favourite types!

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