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Treehouse Village is entering a new, exciting phase of our development. We have been working together with our Professionals Team of architects and designers since July 2019. We purchased a beautiful 14.8 acre piece of land in the town of Bridgewater, NS in October 2019. Our plans for 30 fully-equipped private, modestly-sized 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes are well under way as well as plans for over 5000 sq ft of well-equipped common amenities (group dining & kitchen, library, childrens’ play areas, workshop, guestrooms, exercise room, storage, laundry and more). 

At present, we have 12 Equity members (households that have pre-purchased a home in our community) and 6 Associate members (households that are exploring our development before becoming Equity members). Our development model requires us to have 24 units (80%) pre-sold before we break ground and start construction. Our present goal is to start construction in November, 2020.

Thus far, our marketing has been managed exclusively by our Marketing Circle, members within the Treehouse Village community contributing their time to this effort, and they’ve done an excellent job. In order to reach our goal of 24 Equity members by the end of October 2020, we have decided to engage the services of a professional marketing firm. We have been working diligently to write a Request for Expression of Interest (REI) that will allow us to find marketing firms that understand our project and have what it takes to help us reach our goal. 

Our expectation is that the application and selection process will take just over a month, and that by late July we will have engaged the services of the firm that will take our marketing to the next level.

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