Our Development Agreement Is Approved!

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We are one step closer to building Atlantic Canada’s first cohousing community! On November 9th 2020, the Bridgewater Town Council unanimously approved the development agreement (DA) with Treehouse Village Ecohousing. Fifty-four Pearl Street will be the future home of a sustainable 30-unit collective residential development. 

This is a significant milestone, one that many cohousing groups do not reach. Often cohousing communities get hung up for years negotiating a development agreement, or need to move to a different piece of land. This agreement comes after a long list of steps, hurdles, decisions, and hard work by our members and a talented group of architects and professional engineers. Now with the Development Agreement in place, the permitting process will begin with the aim to start construction this spring. 

Reaching this milestone is reason to celebrate! It was just two years ago when two burning souls shared their dream of building a cohousing community in Bridgewater – one that would become the greenest neighbourhood in Nova Scotia.

In just two years that dream has resonated with hundreds of individuals, couples, friends, and families from near and far: Folks who are curious about what the new-to-Atlantic Canada housing option has to offer; people who are trying to reduce their footprint; households that understand the value of living in community; neighbours ready to make a change.

In just two years that dream has evolved into an efficient and collaborative development company that is self-governed using sociocracy and practicing nonviolent communication. A company without staff or profits, but filled with inspired people working together to build a vibrant community. Collectively, we first decided how to make decisions, then how to self-organize, then how to design our neighbourhood. The values of living lightly, sharing resources, welcoming all, and living in comfortable healthy homes continues to attract new members and guide all our work.

In just two years, over 50 households have contributed their skills, expertise, and willingness to learn in order to bring this dream to reality. In addition to their time and ideas, fifteen of those households chose to invest financially in the project and have committed to purchasing a home in Treehouse Village. In order to break ground, we now need nine (9) more households to join and reserve their homes.

In just two years, Bridgewater Cohousing has grown into Treehouse Village Ecohousing. Together, we own a property, completed the design of our custom neighbourhood, and have a Development Agreement in a town nationally recognized for its progressive vision and work towards a more sustainable municipality.

In just two years, we plan to move into our new homes in Treehouse Village and be an example of new construction sustainable housing in Bridgewater.

Join in building Treehouse Village! Register and tune into our next online info session to learn how to become a future neighbour.


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  1. Sheila G. Richardson

    Well done!!
    Sheila G. Richardson
    Wolfville, Nova Scotia

  2. Margo

    Do you have any 3D concept for this project ?

    1. Rebecca

      We have some 3D renderings shown at https://treehousevillage.ca/project-timeline/new-3d-renderings-are-in/ – is this what you’re looking for?

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