Updated Design Documents

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In August 2019, Treehouse began our design phase with a series of workshops where members shared their hopes and dreams for a built community. In December, our architecture team converted those into the schematic drawings. From there, the professional team has significantly defined and developed the important aspects of the project. Last month, we gathered virtually and all consented to the design for Treehouse Village. This is one big step forward in building Atlantic Canada’s first cohousing neighbourhood!

This was a big decision. Although we are excited to reveal the details of the physical layouts, the common kids room, the unit floor plans, and the many gardens, the biggest development is the resiliency of this community. The design phase involves a constant push and pull, sharing wishes and ideas, as well as risks and budget concerns. There have been many big challenges, big decisions, compromises and exciting milestones. As we finalize this design phase, the most incredible feature of our neighbourhood’s design is the strength of this growing community.

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