“We did it!” Treehouse Village celebrates the completion of our eco-friendly, multi-age cohousing development

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Photos by Shirley Robb, Treehouse community member

By Allyson Rowley, Community Reporter

Treehouse Village Ecohousing, Atlantic Canada’s first cohousing development, is now a vibrant, multi-age community with construction substantially completed and all but one of our 30 condos pre-sold. Residents have moved into their energy-efficient homes and are working together to put the finishing touches on this unique, community-oriented cohousing development.

“This is an amazing achievement to see our dream fully become a reality,” says Andrew McQueen, President of our Condominium Corporation’s Board of Directors. Treehouse Village was launched more than five years ago by a group of private individuals, who joined together to create a joyful, environmentally responsible, multi-generational cohousing community in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 

“This dream has attracted individuals and families of all ages and stages, who have contributed their energy, commitment, and financial investment to bringing Treehouse Village to life,” says Andy. “We did it!”

Co-developed and self-governed by the home owners, Treehouse Village was intentionally designed for eco-friendly, community-oriented living. Members have hailed from around the corner, across Canada, and internationally. All were attracted to the ideal of sharing resources, being environmentally responsible, and living as sustainably as possible. 

The multi-generational community includes families, young professionals, singles, couples, and elders. One household just welcomed the newest Treehouse member — a baby boy born on February 22!

Treehouse Villagers support each other in many priceless ways, such as by giving someone a lift, preparing community meals, sharing tools and skills, and helping with child care.

The four residential buildings have been built to the ultra energy-efficient Passive House standards. Each home’s heating bills are expected to be as low as $200/year. All buildings have solar panels on the roofs, with the goal of providing a large percentage of electrical needs through solar energy, ultimately reaching net zero. The campus has 10 EV charging stations and an EV car share program.

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Photo by Kathlyn Hunter, Treehouse community member

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