Two bedrooms, a mudroom and a view of the Common Green – what’s not to love about the Pine?

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A spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar, an open concept living and dining area, two bedrooms and a front door that opens onto green space, and all this for under $400,000. What’s not to love about the Pine?

For Teona and Max Bjork, it was an easy decision to make. Originally, they had planned to move into a 3-bedroom Oak, but when a Pine became available, they quickly opted for the smaller residence. Their two young children are looking forward to moving into their bunk beds in the second bedroom. (“What kid doesn’t love a bunk bed?” Teona asks.) Max and Teona also love the mudroom just inside the front door.

Floor plan for a two-bedroom 1-bathroom condo at Treehouse Village Ecohousing

The Pine’s mudroom is also an attraction for Antje Bodendorfer and Jamie Wilson. “I can get all the mud and dirt off my doggy there before stepping into our space,” Antje says. She and Jamie plan on using the second bedroom as an office. Antje, a landscape designer, is already anticipating looking out on the Common Green from the office while designing green spaces on her computer. 

Jamie and Antje enjoy cooking as well and love that the kitchen also looks over the Common Green. “We also cook a lot and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’ll be nice to look out the kitchen window and see what the community is up to when doing the dishes or cooking,” she says.

Both couples are looking forward to making use of the Common House and its many shared amenities when they make the move to Treehouse later this year. 

When their children are a little older, the Bjorks have a variety of options for schools. Within walking distance are the Bridgewater Elementary and Junior High Schools. Ride a bike along the Centennial Trail to Park View High School, which offers the IB Program. In addition, nearby are the Centre Scolaire de la Rive Sud and the South Shore Waldorf School.

Right outside the front door is the Common Green, where their children can play safely with friends. Round the back are garden beds and trails winding through a secluded 10-acre private forest. Close by is the Treehouse Village Common House, with its large communal kitchen, coworking spaces, lounge, fitness rooms, guest suites, adjacent workshop, and more.

Treehouse Village is a short walk, bike ride, or bus trip to the urban conveniences of Bridgewater including schools, shopping, restaurants and cafes, a recreation centre, and a library. It is located along the Centennial Trail, a multi-use trail that runs through Bridgwater and connects to the Trans-Canada Trail.

Treehouse Village features 30 modern condominium homes built to the ultra energy efficient Passive House standard. Construction is well underway and you’ll be able to move in as early as the Fall of 2022.

Self-governed and developed by its future residents, Treehouse Village is unlike any neighbourhood Nova Scotia has seen and is a welcome option for those seeking eco-friendly and community-oriented living.

Won’t you join them? Reserve the last Pine home today and come home to Treehouse Village.

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