A special “Rite of Passage trek” to Treehouse Village

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A Rite of Passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life. My partner, Matt, and I decided to go on a very special pilgrimage – to mark our own “rite of passage” as we transition to our new home at Treehouse Village.

We decided to walk the 130 kilometers (80 miles) from the front door of our last apartment in Halifax to the front door of our new home at Treehouse Village in Bridgewater!

So, on August 31 we set out and began to walk. Right away, we had blisters on our feet and realized that our legs were not prepared! We switched to bikes on the last day. But the five-day pilgrimage was so worth it…

Here we are standing by our old apartment door as we depart on our Rite of Passage trek….

… Here’s Matt on the second morning of our Rite of Passage trek, walking the Rum Runners trail to our new home, blissfully unaware of how sore our legs will get….

… and here I am celebrating finishing a grueling part of the Rite of Passage trek, starting to realize how sore our legs are getting!

When we arrived on September 4, we were greeted by our new neighbours who were there cheering us on and organizing a special welcome for us (including Shirley Robb who took this wonderful photo as we arrived).

We are so lucky and grateful we get to be part of this community. There is something special happening here in Bridgewater with this wild, wacky group of people who have come together through Treehouse Village. We are grateful to have all of them in our lives. 💜


Megan Beliveau, ACC, is a Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Mediator supporting systems change nerds, game-changing women, and crisis counselors. She is a life-loving goof who cares deeply about supporting democratic, interdependent, post-growth, nature-loving, reparative, liberating movements.

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