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We are delighted to announce that Caddis Collaborative will be the cohousing architectural firm for Treehouse Village!  We were humbled to receive proposals from several of the top cohousing architects in North America, and after a rigorous selection process, Bryan Bowen and his team at Caddis ended up being the right fit for TVE’s vision. Bryan will lead a design team which will include cohousing architects, local architects, landscape architects and green design professionals.

Caddis will facilitate our members through a series of five hands-on, interactive weekend-long design workshops. The first one will be in early August, and there will be one approximately every month until the end of 2019. Both associate and equity members may participate in the design. We’ll be on-boarding new members throughout the summer and fall, and now’s the time to join if you’d like to be part of the design creation from the start. What would you include in your neighbourhood if you could design it from scratch? 

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