Planting a Tree

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To commemorate our recent Treehouse Village Groundbreaking celebration, on August 21, 2021, we planted a peach tree. As Emma and the children prepared to plant it, Caitlin shared these words.

I’d like to take a moment to look forward, and imagine what this tree might witness in its lifetime.

This tree - and the others that we will plant around it - will be tended by the many hands of our community.

This tree, like us, will be nourished by the soil on which we all stand.

This tree will grow as our homes are built, our gardens are seeded, and this land becomes vibrant with people, animals, and plants.  

Under this tree, children will play, neighbours will talk, lovers will stargaze.

The fruit of this tree will be nibbled by deer, plucked by children, and carried to the common house to be baked into pies and made into jams. 

Perhaps the boughs of this tree will grow strong enough to climb, or even to bear a treehouse: a place for secret clubs, quiet reflection, or meditation. 

This tree will still be standing when the tiniest members of our community have become its elders, when this land is shaped by their vision, and this village is filled with new faces. 

This tree will be here when none of us are. But for now, we welcome this tree to its new home and invite it to grow alongside us.

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Photos by Shirley Robb

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  1. Kevin Cheleda

    Proud of you Caitlin.
    Kevin (Uncle!) x

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