Pictures of welcome: Treehouse Villagers are moving in

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Pictures of welcome: Treehouse Villagers are moving in

At Treehouse Village, we’re fortunate to have a professional photographer in the community. Shirley Robb has been busy capturing a visual record of our welcome parades and other fun festivities, as more households begin to move into our 30-unit, multi-age, eco-friendly cohousing community in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

So far, we’ve welcomed Treehouse Villagers who hail from Bridgewater, across Nova Scotia, the rest of Canada, and even Germany — with more to come soon!

Here are some of Shirley’s shots of our joyful community…

Interested in learning more about Atlantic Canada’s first cohousing community?

Maclean’s magazine has published this profile of Treehouse Village: This Nova Scotia co-housing community is creating connections—and more affordable homes

Still more things to celebrate! 

High-speed internet is included in our condo fees — and our annual heating bills are estimated to be only $200, since we have built our homes to Passive House standards.

Discover our units for sale/rent and book your own private tour! Virtual tours are available.

Shirley Robb Photography

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