A Bike Blog

One of the attractive aspects of Bridgewater will be being able to use my bike as a means of transportation. There are bike trails in town which link many important residential, recreational, and business areas and provide cycling routes to other communities. Many, if not all of our community members are dedicated cyclists.

Buzzing with Possibilities: What Cohousing Could Offer My Family

My mind was buzzing with possibilities as I walked home from the info session. I was playing out my daily routine in my house and comparing it to life at Treehouse Village. It was clear we could do a lot more with less. The move would involve downsizing to a home with considerably less square footage but grant us more shared space, amenities, and community support than we could ever access on our own. I wondered: what might I be able to share and achieve in an intentional community where my neighbours are also committed to lightening their ecological footprint?

Treehouse Village’s Cohousing Colour Challenge #cohocolourchallenge

While we all are isolating at home, the pandemic hasn’t stopped Treehouse Villagers from strengthening our community. When Cate emailed with the invitation to take on the colour challenge, I was thrilled to see her family’s pink pose, but reluctant to join in. It was only after the “reply alls” filled my inbox from members stepping up to the challenge that I was nudged to play along.